People & Places


An international group of five female contemporary artists are thrilled to be launching their first joint exhibition “People and Places”

at the Camden Image Gallery close to Camden Road Station

from the 13 to 18 March 2019.

 The artists are all painters drawing from their own experience and diverse background to express their unique style and explore the sensitive meaning of landscapes as well as people in places. Karin Friedli is inspired by the beauty of nature, capturing the intensity of the light and exploring changing seasons. Her expressive style using mixed media tries to catch an impression of the landscape, its mood and energy from invigorating to tranquil.  Neeta Popat  Kataria enjoys experimenting with strong and vibrant acrylic colours using spontaneous, loose and flowing styles in her landscape. Dawn Limbert is inspired by the interplay of light, atmosphere and texture and loves the immediate nature of pastels by creating bold, colourful and expressive landscape paintings with only a few marks quickly capturing the essence of a scene.  Ayse McGowan explores the human form to produce sensitive portrayals of childhood at the same time creating a wave of nostalgia in the viewer. She works with oils in an impressionistic and loose style. Diana Sandetskaya is captured by memories and aims to translate these special moments into her thoughtful paintings. Using oils her style is detailed and has a magical elegance.

Don`t miss this opportunity to visit Camden Image Gallery. Make a day of it by enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Camden, sampling the multitude of cafés and restaurants in the nearby area and visiting the work of these first class artists.