Neeta Popat Kataria

Neeta Popat Kataria

Meet Neeta
— I am a contemporary Landscape Artist working with Watercolour, Acrylic, Mixed media and abstraction

I approach my work in a state of anticipation and adventure. Each painting begins as an exploration into the unknown and involves a sense for risk-taking. There is an attempt to convey emotion by expressing it in the representational use of colour, line, and textures.

With my painting I strive to establish a sense of place, while exploiting the tension between figuration and abstraction to express energy and passion. Mark making with paints in a loose and painterly fashion to capture the moment

'Sunlight through the trees fascinates me. Capturing that light is

As landscape painter, it is always the light and the trees that I remember the most about any locations and it is my inspiration."

The creation of each work encourages me with new ideas and discoveries an initiator for future expression. Each painting celebrating bright colours in the landscape to create the statement 

At a certain point in the process as the images began to speak to me, I realise that they have now taken on a distinct life of their own.


Artist Bio

I was born and raised in India. Drawing came naturally for me from a very young age. I graduated in Fine Arts From India and got my first job as a 3D animator and continued as freelance Animator and Video Editor for 2 decades.  Currently, I works from my studio at home in North London

Living in UK where landscape changing according to 4 seasons the breath-taking views and walks through countryside. My visit and walks to various locations has inspired and encouraged me to paint.

Through my painting I am trying to capture that moment, atmosphere and space through memory and photos.

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Most days you can find me

Making a mess on my studio table as I begin with big brush strokes and fluid washes, some works in progress or adding finishing touches. sketching, smudging, scribbling, creating new compositions, looking for that photo which will inspire me to paint new artwork

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My Favourite walks


A 10 mile circular walk which starts from the picturesque village of Aldbury near Tring and follows the Ridgeway National Trail across Pitstone Hill to the dramatic viewpoint at Ivinghoe Beacon, before returning through the woods and fields of the National Trust's Ashridge Estate, using some of the Chiltern Way.

Aldenham Country Park

Aldenham Country Park is a 175-acre parkland and woodland, including Aldenham Reservoir. It is now part of the Watling Chase Community Forest, near Elstree, Hertfordshire